First Due Structure Fire
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
June 10, 2024

At 2221 hours, Engine 2 and Tanker 2 were dispatched to 40346 Wolfe Drive in Golden Beach for a reported house fire with several people trapped. Chief 2(Trowbridge), Engine 23(LT. Polk) and Tanker 2(FF Denton) went enroute with 9 personnel immediately following the dispatch. Communications advised they were taking numerous calls reporting the house on fire with at least 2 people trapped on the 2nd floor as well as numerous animals. Chief 2 requested the Working Incident Task Force be started with this information.

Rescue Squad 2(SO Faunce), Tanker 224(LT Senatore), and Engine 24(FF Hayden) also went enroute with 11 additional volunteers. Engines 23 and 24 arrived simultaneously and advised of a two story wood-frame with fire showing from the Bravo side and through the roof. Chief 2 arrived and established the Golden Beach Command. Crews found that both trapped occupants and 3 of 4 animals were rescued by neighbors utilizing a ladder and they refused EMS. The two Engine Companies deployed an attack line and ladders and entered the structure via line over ladder and began extinguishing the fire.

Rescue Squad 2 arrived and assisted with additional ladders and began opening up for the Engine Companies and completed a primary search. Both Tankers supplied the fire ground along with Tanker 1002.

Crews worked for about 20 minutes knocking down the bulk of the fire. Additional crews were utilized for overhaul and mop up.

Mechanicsville units operated for approximately 2.5 hours.

Units: Engine 23, Engine 24, Rescue Squad 2, Tanker 2, Tanker 224, Chief 2, Chief 2B
Mutual Aid: Companies 1002, 1005, 1015, 7, 1, 5, and 29