New Utility Production Update
By Apparatus Committee
July 14, 2024

The Department Apparatus Committee has been busy building specifications for three new pieces of apparatus.

One of those vehicles is a replacement for our 2007 Ford F250 Utility vehicle. The committee decided on a Chevrolet 3500 Cab/Chasis with the pickup bed deleted. A Knapheide Utility body was opted to allow us to carry some equipment to make the vehicle more suitbable for our needs.

In the summer of 2023, both the cab/chasis and body were ordered. The cab/chasis was constructed at the General Motors plant in Michigan and has been completed awaiting shipment to the body builder.

The body is currently at DeJana in Rosedale, Maryland and will be prepped and painted once the pick up arrives. Once it is completed at Dejana, it will move to ISG for lettering and graphics and eventually to Nelson Emergency for warning light installation.

Stay tuned for updates as this vehicle moves thru its build process. Pictures of the body on the DeJana lot and a rendition of what the cab will look like are attached.

4/26/24 Update:
The cab/chasis has arrived at the body builders facility and the body is currently in the paint booth for paint and Line-X work. They are advising their portion of the uplift will be completed on or around May 17th. From there, it will go to Criswell Chevrolet for a couple days, then to graphics and finally warning light installation.

5/3/2024 Update:
The body has been installed and work by the body up fitter is complete. It will now head to Criswell Chevrolet for delivery prep.

5/10/2024 Update:
The truck has been delivered by Criswell Chevrolet and we have taken it to IGS for graphics/lettering installation.

The graphics rendering was received by the Department this week. Completion is expected this week and then will be moved to Nelson's Emergency Vehicle Lighting for unfitting.

The truck has been delivered and sent to Nelson's Emergency Vehicle Lighting for unfitting.

The truck has completed equipment mounting from First Due Apparatus Solutions and now awaiting going in service.