Engine 22 Production Update
By Mechanicsville Apparatus Committee
April 10, 2024

03/01/2024 Update:
The Department received our first update on our long awaited new wagon. Construction started this week with the Cab and Body being fabricated. Next week we anticipate these components heading to the paint booth.

03/08/2024 Update:
This week, the apparatus cab was moving through the paint process while the body was being assembled in fabrication.

03/15/2024 Update:
This week, our new apparatus cab was moving through cab assembly while the chassis was in frame-up and your body was scheduled for paint process.

03/22/2024 Update:
This week, our new apparatus drive train was completed and cab was mounted to the frame. The pump was in build up and body was being prepped for the paint booth.

04/05/2024 Update:
This week, our new apparatus pump module was mounted on the chassis while the body completed paint process and moved to module line. Three members are making the trip to the factory next week to do a midpoint review of the apparatus.

04/10/2024 Update:
This week, 3 members travelled to Appleton, Wisconsin to conduct a “Mid-Point” Inspection on the new Engine 22. Members got to watch the body be married to the Frame and the water tank installation while on site. The engine is quickly progressing down the assembly line and completion is slated within the next month or so.