2024 Installation of Officers Awards Banquet
By Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Karen Montgomery
January 23, 2024

On Saturday, January 20, 2024, the Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department and Auxiliary held their annual Installation of Officers Banquet where they honored the members who passed away in 2023 (Barbara Montgomery, (Aux); Charlie Evans, Sr. (FD); Johnny Wood, Jr. (FD); Julia Bohle (FD); Franklin Hill (FD); Sonny Turner (FD); and Stanley Williams, Jr. (FD)), as well as recognized the accomplishments of the members and the department. The new 2024 Officers of both the Auxiliary and Fire Department were installed by Southern Maryland Vol. Firemen's Association Auxiliary Past President Chrissy King and Southern Maryland Vol. Firemen's Association Vice President JW King respectively. A wonderful meal was prepared by Rita B Catering.

Auxiliary President, Molly Colonna presented years/length of service awards to Cindy Turner (15 years), Marie Kurtz (20 years & Life Member); Karen Montgomery (20 years & Life Member); Pat Johnson (30 years); Susannah Fowler (50 years); and Judy Copsey (50 years). Auxiliary President's Award was presented to Karen Montgomery and the Mary Elaine Guy Award was presented to Sherry Lawyer.

The 2024 Auxiliary Officers are: President, Molly Colonna; Vice President, Karen Colonna; Secretary, Sherry Lawyer; Treasurer, Donna Wockenfuss; Assistant Secretary, Taya Scott; Chaplain, Diane Lacey; Historian, Carey Roache.

Auxiliary President, Molly Colonna presented the Operational Officer of the Year award to Deputy Chief, Tyler Burroughs and the Administrative Member of the Year award to Vice President, Keith Turner.

President John Montgomery presented years/length of service awards to Darryl Black (5 years); Craig Polk (5 years); Austin Sholly (5 years); Josh Day (5 years); Keith Turner (5 years); Tyler Burroughs (10 years); Perry Bryant (15 years); Keith Hemming (25 years); James Kurtz (30 years); J. Paul Colonna (55 years); and Joe Guyther (60 years). President Montgomery also presented Special Service Awards to Keith Turner, Tommy Kidwell, Darene Kleinsorgen, Karen Montgomery, Frank Kleinsorgen and Jimmy Burroughs. The President's award went to VP, Jackson Miller.

The 2024 Administrative Officers are: President, John S. "Monkey" Montgomery; 1st Vice President, Keith Turner; 2nd Vice President, Jackson Miller; Secretary, Darene Kleinsorgen; Treasurer, Tommy Kidwell; Assistant Secretary/Treasurer, Karen Montgomery; Financial Secretary, Frank Kleinsorgen and Fire Prevention Officer, Theresa Palmer.

Chief, Mark Trowbridge presented the Cadet of the Year to Cooper Hedrick; Rookie Firefighter of the Year to Jackson Barnes and the Firefighter of the Year (Richard S. "Stormie" Combs Award) to Ronnie Cox. Chief Trowbridge also presented gift cards to the following for Top 10 Responders for 2022: Ronnie Cox (542), Jackson Barnes (491), DJ Stotler (413), Tucker Hedrick (401), Riley Barnes (386), Mark Trowbridge (371), Tyler Burroughs (345), Austin Sholly (293), Landon Johnson (289), and Robert Barnes (288). The Chief also presented gift cards to The Top 5 Drivers for 2022: Tyler Burroughs (124), Brian Butler (118), Keith Hemming (99), James Barnes, Jr. (85), and Ryan Tucker (70).

The Operational Officers for 2024 are: Chief, Mark Trowbridge; Assistant Chief, Ryan Raley; Deputy Chief, Tyler Burroughs; Eng. Co. Captain, Daniel Busl; Eng. Co. Lieut., Craig Polk; Sergeant, Tucker Hedrick; Safety Officer, TJ Faunce; Safety Officer, CP Miedzinski; Rescue Co. Captain, Bret Krabbe; Rescue Co. Lieut., Jake Senatore; Sergeant, Evan Stewart; Station Captain, Robert Barnes; Training Lieut., Jimmy Barnes, Jr.; Water Supply Officer, Joe Guyther; Chief Engineer, Bill Hemming; 1st Engineer, Kyle Hayden.