Rescue Squad, Engine Company, Fire Chief, and Deputy Fire Chief Respond to Entrapment in Hollywood
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
February 16, 2023

At 1142 hours Rescue Squad 2 was transferred to Company 7 to cover the middle of the county as units were operating on an extended Hazmat incident in Company 9s area.

At 1205 hours, Company 7, Squad 2, Squad 1, Engine 2, and Engine 1 were alerted to Three Notch Road and North Sandgates Road for an MVA with reported entrapment and the car on fire.

Rescue Squad 2, Engine Tanker 24, Chief 2, and Chief 2B responded with 10 volunteers. Safety 7A was first to arrive and found one patient unconscious and heavily trapped, and reports of a potential second patient that had been ejected.

Squad 7 and Squad 2 arrived next and went to work stabilizing the vehicle, beginning extrication, and preparing high pressure airbags to lift the vehicle to check for the ejected occupant.

Engine Tanker 24 and Squad 1 arrived and completed a search of the wood line for the possible ejected occupant.

All units from Hollywood, Mechanicsville, and Leonardtown worked for approximately 15 minutes to extricate the trapped driver of the vehicle with Chief 2 in charge of extrication.

All searches for the possible ejected occupant proved negative and it was determined there was no second occupant involved.

Safety 7A was the Incident Commander for the incident.

Units: Rescue Squad 2, Engine Tanker 24, Chief 2, Chief 2B
Mutual Aid: Rescue Squad 7, Rescue Squad 1, Engine 73, Chief 7B, Safety 7A