NAS Pax River NDW Station 2 Water Supply Drill
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
September 17, 2022

On Saturday, September 17 Engine-Tanker 24 reported to NAS Pax River NDW Station 2 for a water supply drill. The objective was to utilize static water sources for a large target hazard at 1000 GPM from each supply point. The target hazard was Building 301, a large heavy timber hanger now being used for family services with a target needed fire flow of 5000 GPM. NDW fire stations 13, 14 and the CFR stations apparatus were supported by apparatus from County stations 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7.

Our part of the drill included Engine 141 at draft from the West Patuxent Basin and ET-24 laying out 1000 feet of 4 inch LDH along Delalio Road. Engine 141 supplied 1000 GPM at 200 PSI discharge pressure with ET-24 at 20 PSI incoming flowing to a 2” discharge tip on the deck pipe.

Working together the engines at draft and the attack engines were able to supply a net 6000 GPM, a 20% reserve over the desired target flow.