Units Respond to MVC with a Vehicle into a Pond
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
September 11, 2022

At 1031 hours, Rescue Squad 2, Raft 2, Raft 5 and surrounding EMS units were alerted to Golden Beach Road in the area of All Faith Church Road for the motor vehicle accident with reported vehicle into the pond and the operator slumped over the wheel.

Units arrived and confirmed a single vehicle accident, partially in the pond and into a tree. Quick assessment of the vehicle found no one in it. The Rescue crew donned wet suits and entered the water to check the pond and area around the vehicle. The incident was scaled back to the units from Station 2 and Ambulance 296C.

Law enforcement personnel advised they had received information the operator had been picked up from the scene and was enroute to a local hospital in a privately owned vehicle.

Units cleared the scene was turned over to law enforcement.

Chief 2A held the Golden Beach Road Command.

Units: Rescue Squad 2, Raft 2, Engine 23, Engine 224, MSU 22, Boat 2, Chief 2A, Chief 2B