Units Operate on Structure Collapse
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
August 4, 2022

At 2106 hours, the structure collapse assignment was alerted to 28370 Woodburn Hill Road for the reported entrapment after a collapse. Rescue Squad 2, Engine 23, Engine 24 and the Chief responded. The Rescue and Chief arrived on the scene of a two story, Type 5 apartment building, investigating.
Chief 2 established the 'Woodburn Hill Command" on side "Alpha" assigning the crew from Rescue 2 to the Rescue Group and the crew from the Wagon to the shoring group.
The Officer from the Rescue advised they had a single patient still in the apartment with what appeared to be a collapse of the ceiling only. Upon further investigation, confirmation of just the ceiling collapsed with no further damage to the structure.
The victim was removed and turned over to EMS for treatment. A medevac was requested but down due to weather.
The incident was scaled back to the units from Company 2, Ambulance 297C and the Medical Duty Officer.
Ambulance 297C transported to Capital Region Medical Center and the scene was turned over the St. Mary's County Sheriffs Office who are investigating the incident.

Units: Rescue Squad 2, Engine 23, Engine 24, Fire Chief 2, Chief 2A
Mutual Aid: Charles Rescue Squad 1002, Charles Truck 1001, Truck 7, NAWC Hazmat 13 and Collapse Trailer, Ambulance 297C, MDO 18