Rescue Squad 2 Responds to Vehicle Into Building with Reported Entrapment
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
July 10, 2022

Overnight, just before 0300 hours, Rescue Squad 2 and the Fire Chief were alerted to Point Lookout Road @ Pin Cushion Road in Company 1s area for an MVA with one trapped and a vehicle into a building.

Chief 1 arrived first, confirmed the dispatched information and established the command. Chief 2, Rescue Squad 1, and Rescue Squad 2 arrived and went to work stabilizing the vehicle, forcing entry to the structure, and gaining access to the patient. The patient was not trapped in the vehicle but was in the structure and was suffering from serious injuries.

Chief 2 was assigned the Rescue Group Supervisor units removed the patient in about 15 minutes and the patient was subsequently flown by Trooper 7 to Shock Trauma.

Chief 1 also requested Company 13s collapse resources to assist with assessing the damage to the structure.

Mechanicsville units were in quarters by 0415 hours.