First Due House Fire
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
April 10, 2022

On Sunday night, at 2331 hours, Engine Companies 2, 1015, 1014, 1002, Trucks 1, 7, and Squad 5 were alerted to Sycamore Drive in Wicomico Shores for a house on fire.

Engine 23, Engine 21, Engine 24, Chief 2, and Chief 2B made the response with 13 volunteers at dispatch. Chief 2B was first arrriving, gave a corrected address of 26076 Sycamore Drive, and advised he had a 1 story single-family home with fire throughout from the street. M

Chief 2 and Engine 23 arrived next and deployed an attack line to the front door to work on extinguishing the fire. Engine 1014 and Engine 21 arrived next and deployed additional handlines to the structure. Truck 1 arrived and went to work on Division 1 with the Engine Companies.

The bulk of the fire was knocked down within 30 minutes and crews worked for the next two hours opening up and checking for extension through the home.

Chief 2B held the Wicomico Shores Command and Chief 2 had Division 1.

Units: Engine 23, Engine 21, Engine 24, Chief 2, Chief 2B
Mutual Aid: Engine Companies 1014, 1002, 1015, Trucks 1, 7, Squad 5