Overturned Tractor Trailer in Charlotte Hall
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
April 8, 2022

At 2055 hours Engine and Tanker 2 were alerted to Sugar Cane Court in Charlotte Hall(Charles County) for the fuel truck overturned and leaking product.

Engine 23, Tanker 2, and Chief 2B made the response at dispatch with 8 volunteers. First arriving Squad 1002 found a tractor trailer overturned, leaking its contents, reported to be gasoline by bystanders.

Chief 2B arrived on the scene and conducted a face to face with Squad 1002 to assess the scene. Chief 2B assumed the command and it was determined that the Tractor Trailer was carrying water and not gasoline.

Engine 23 reported to the scene and assisted Squad 1002 with securing the tractor trailer, damning up an oil leak in the ditch line, and ensuring there was no fuel leak from the saddle tanks on the truck.

Once all hazards were controlled, Command scaled the assignment back to Hughesville, Mechanicsville, and Hazmat 1016 units.

Crews remained on the scene to await the tow companies and stand by while they uprighted the tractor trailer.

Units: Engine 23, Tanker 2, Chief 2B