Snowstorm Keeps Mechanicsville Volunteers Busy
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
January 3, 2022

As many of you have seen, the Mechanicsville VFD has been extremely busy since 0500 hours on Monday January 3rd.

Some quick stats for everyone:

- St. Mary’s County Fire and EMS Departments had 179 total calls for service on January 3, 2022

- Mechanicsville VFD responded to 69 total incidents on January 3, 2022

- Mechanicsville VFD has responded to 19 incidents today as of 1700 hours on January 4, 2022

Attached is a photo showing the call volume for the county on January 3rd. The blue highlighted section is the Mechanicsville VFD first due response area. Mechanicsville VFD also responded to several incidents in neighboring jurisdictions during this weather event.