Company Goes First Due to Chaptico House
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
November 13, 2021

On Saturday night at 2346 hours, Company 2 and surrounding companies were alerted to 38365 Chaptico Road for reports of the roof on fire of a single family residence.

Engine 23, Chief 100, and Lieutenant 2 arrived first finding a one story single family home with smoke showing from the attic. Engine 23 deployed an attack line to the interior of the home.

Engine 23 and Rescue Squad 2 located a working fire in the attic space and Squad 2 and Truck 7 opened up for Engine 23.

Lieutenant 2 held the Chaptico Road Command and units operated for about an hour.

Units: Engine 23, Tanker 2, Rescue Squad 2
Mutual Aid: Engine Companies 5, 1014, and 7, Trucks 7, and 1, Squad 1002, Tankers 5, and 1