Triple Pull to Loveville Road Building Fire
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
November 12, 2021

On Friday, at 2129 hours, Engine 2 and Tanker 2 were alerted Second Due to 26511 Loveville Road for a commercial building on fire.

Chief 7B arrived on the scene advising of a one story commercial building with smoke showing from all sides and fire showing from the attic on the Bravo side.

Engine 23, Tanker 2, Tanker 24, Chief 2, and Chief 2A made the response immediately with 11 volunteers. Units arrived simultaneously with Company 7 units and went to work deploying hand lines, opening up, and setting up water supply.

Chief 2 was assigned fire attack and operated through the Alpha side with Engine 72 and 23 until a roof collapse required an evacuation of the structure.

Tanker 2 and 24 assisted with Water Supply operations for the duration of the incident.

Chief 7B held the Loveville Road Command and Mechanicsville units were in quarters around midnight.

*photos courtesy of several people on scene

Units: Engine 23, Tanker 2, Tanker 24, Chief 2, and Chief 2A
Mutual Aid: Engine Companies 72, 93, and 52, Trucks 7, and 1, Squads 7, and 1002, Tankers 74, 14, 5, 34, and 1002