Afternoon Extrication in Helen
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
October 28, 2021

On Thursday at approximately 1545 hours, Rescue Squad 2, Rescue Squad 1, Company 29, 19, and SMALS were alerted to Point Lookout Road at Foley Mattingly Road for the motor vehicle accident, reported serious with entrapment.

Rescue Squad 2, Engine 21, and Fire Chief 2 made the response and arrived on the scene to find two vehicles, head-on, with one person trapped. Rescue Squad 7 who cleared an accident in the northern end of their first due added onto the incident and arrived after Company 2 units.

Rescue Squad 2 and Rescue Squad 7 worked for about 20 minutes to remove 2 doors, the roof, and then roll/lift the dash to free the trapped operator.

Chief 2 requested a helicopter for two patients, one from each vehicle.

Chief 2 held the Point Lookout Command and units were in service within 35 minutes.

Units: Rescue Squad 2, Engine 21, Fire Chief 2
Mutual Aid: Rescue Squad 7, Rescue Squad 1, Ambulance 296, Ambulance 67, SMALS