Old Village Road MVC Claims Two Lives
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
October 9, 2021

Units were alerted to the area of Three Notch Road and DJ's One Stop Shop for the motor vehicle accident reported serious. Chief 2A was in the area shortly after dispatch advising unable to locate an accident at the given address. Shortly after advising this, he noticed a citizen waving his arms in the air off of Old Village Road south of the DJ's One Stop and proceeded that way.

He arrived on the scene with a single vehicle into a structure, confirmed one trapped and one ejected. EMS units arrived shortly behind and checked both victims. Sadly, both had succumbed to their injuries. The assignment was scaled back to Station 2 and 29 units. After conversing with law enforcement, the scene was turned over to them and units cleared.

The rescue was called back to the scene by law enforcement to remove the trapped occupant once their investigation was completed.

The Officers and Members extend their condolences to those affected by this incident.

Units: Rescue Squad 2, Engine 21, Chief 2A, Chief 2B
Mutual Aid: Charles Squad 1002