First Due Kitchen Fire
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
August 4, 2021

At 1705 hours, Engine and Tanker 2 were alerted with surrounding mutual aid companies to 37500 Anderson Lane for the reported structure fire. Initial reports were smoke and flames were visible. Engine 24, Tanker 2, Chief 2 and Chief 2A made the response at dispatch.

Engine 24 arrived, advised they were doing a split lay due to the length of the driveway, and went on scene with a two story residential structure with smoke showing from the roof area. Chief 2 and Chief 2A arrived with Chief 2A establishing the Anderson Drive Command and Chief 2 taking Division 1.

Crews made access encountering moderate smoke conditions and found a smoldering kitchen fire on Division 2. The fire was extinguished and the lineman used hydraulic ventilation until additional fans could be set up.

There was no extension and the assignment was scaled back to units from Station 2, Charles 2 and Truck 7.

Units operated for thirty minutes.

Units: Engine 24, Tanker 2, Rescue Squad 2, Engine 23, Chief 2, Chief 2A
Mutual Aid: Charles Engine 1002, Tanker 1002, Charles Engine 1015, Charles Engine 1005, Tanker 1005, Truck 7, Squad 7, Truck 1, Water Supply 5, EMS Stations 29 & Charles 1002