Busy Hour in the 2-12 Box
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
June 26, 2021

At 1201 hours, Company 2 along with EMS Stations 29, 1002, and the SMALS were alerted to Point Lookout Road at the Walking Trail for a bicyclist struck by a car. Chief 2, Rescue Squad 2, and Engine 21 responded with 8 personnel at dispatch. Units arrived to find a minor collision with one patient requiring EMS attention.

Moments later, at 1213 hours Communications contacted Chief 2, Engine 21, and Rescue Squad 2 and told them to stand by to copy a working house fire in the first due on Birch Manor Circle.

The assignment was dispatched to 27374 Birch Manor Circle for a reported house on fire. The units that were outside the neighborhood on the crash arrived within 1 minute and found fire showing from a 1 story, single family home.

Chief 2 established the command initially, and crews went to work stretching hand lines, making entry and knocking the fire. Engine 23 responded from the station at dispatch and arrived next to pick up Engine 21s supply line.

Chief 2 located one occupant in the front yard on arrival suffering from burns and requested ALS resources be added to the call.

Chief 2B arrived on the scene and assumed command from the Fire Chief, who took over Division 1. The Fire Chief, both Engine Companies, and the Rescue Squad operated on Division 1 until all visible fire was knocked down.

EMS Crews requested a helo to fly the injured subject to the burn center. Command directed Engine 10 from staging to the Landing Zone.

Command operated with Mechanicsville units, Engine 74, Engine 52, Engine 14, and Truck 3.

Units operated for approximately 3 hours before returning to service. The scene was turned over to the Maryland State Fire Marshall’s Office.

Units: Engine 21, Engine 23, Engine 24, Rescue Squad 2, Utility 2, Chief 2, Chief 2B
Mutual Aid: Engines 74, 14, 10, 52, 1002, Tanker 1002, Truck 3, Tower 9, Squad 5, various EMS units