Brandywine Afternoon House Fire
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
April 27, 2021

On Tuesday April 27th, at 1537 hours Rescue Squad 2 was alerted to Covington Road in “Dog Patch” for a Barn Fire.

While Rescue Squad 2 was enroute, an obvious “header” was noted and Chief 1002 requested the Working Fire Upgrade and a Tanker Taskforce. This alerted Tanker 2 to the run also.

First arriving units found a barn well involved and collapsed on the ground, 2 trailers on fire, and fire showing from the Charlie and Delta sides of a single family residence.

Rescue Squad 2 arrived simultaneously with Tower 1003 and Engine 840 and all three crews went to work operating on the interior of the residence accessing and extinguishing the fire that had extended to 2 rooms, and the entire attic space.

Tanker 2 arrived and assisted with Water Supply operations.

Rescue Squad 2 and Tanker 2 operated for 2 hours before being released by command.

**photos courtesy of the Waldorf VFD

Units: Rescue Squad 2, Tanker 2
Mutual Aid: Engine Companies 1002, 1003, 1005, 1015, 820, 836, 840, 845 Tower 1003, Truck 825 Squad 1002 Tankers 1001, 1002, 1005, 1011, 1012, Calvert 2