Another Day the Volunteers of Mechanicsville are out Drilling.
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
March 21, 2021

Another Sunday, another day the dedicated Volunteers of Mechanicsville are out drilling.

This morning following an early AM MVA with injuries, members went out back to the “training pad” to continue working with members on their Rescue Squad Check-Off books.

Crews worked for about two hours on vehicle stabilization, using various pieces of equipment, and then finished off the exercise with completing a full “extrication” scenario including roof removal and dash roll/lift.

Once completed, crews cleaned up and then went inside to drill on rope rescue equipment and engine company check offs for other newer members.

Engine 23 also responded to an EMS call during the training.
If you would like to participate in the action, please stop in the station and speak with a member to get an application.