Rescue Runs Serious Accident
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
December 19, 2020

At 2116 hours, Rescue Squad 2 was alerted to a motor vehicle accident, reported serious with entrapment and one possibly not breathing.

Initial location was given as Point Lookout Road and Morganza Turner Road. Charles Chief 1001B was in the area unable to locate anything. St. Mary’s advised corrected location was Morganza Turner Road in the area of Captain Leonard’s Seafood.

The Squad arrived to find a single vehicle into a tree. Upon scene size up, one occupant was still in the vehicle, however not trapped. A trauma nurse was inside the vehicle rendering aid to the occupant and advised agonal respiration. The crews from Rescue Squads 2 and 1 rapidly extricated the occupant and began CPR.

Ambulance 196 transported to Medstar St. Mary’s priority one.

Units cleared the scene and turned the scene over to law enforcement who reconstructed the scene.

Chief 2A held the Morganza Turner Road Command.

Units: Rescue Squad 2, Rescue Engine 22, Chief 2A
Mutual Aid: Rescue Squad 1, Ambulance 196, SMALS