Passing of Preston J. "Stink" Downs
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
September 4, 2020

Preston J. “Stink” Downs

May 25, 1958 – September 3, 2020

Preston officially joined the department in 1974 even though he had been coming around the firehouse since he was 14. He was the chairman for the Children’s Christmas Party in 1978 making sure everything was ready for Santa’s arrival and all chance (raffle) books were sold. He was voted in as Fire Prevention Officer in 1981. Preston was the company’s top seller of the Gun Raffle Calendars. He drove all over the Southern Maryland area to sell them for the department. Even when he was no longer able to drive himself, he had his wife Joyce drive him to all the businesses just to check in to see how many had been sold and to collect the money and stubs.

Preston will be missed by everyone who knew him, especially those who lived here in the village.