Rescue Squad and Fire Chief go to Sandgates
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
August 31, 2020

On Monday, August 31, 2020, at 1547 hours, Utility 7 came across the radio advising they were on the scene of an MVC in front of Fowler Industrial Park, with one patient trapped and the vehicle on fire.

St. Mary’s Communications alerted Company 7, Squad 7, Squad 2, and surrounding EMS Companies. Rescue Squad 2 w/6 personnel and Chief 2 made the response immediately.

Utility 7 requested a helo for a trauma patient, and instructed Rescue Squad 2 to cross over at North Sandgates Road and nose into the accident scene. Chief 2 and the Rescue Squad arrived and began stabilization and extrication. Squad 7 and Engine 73 arrived and assisted Squad 2.

Chief 2 was the Extrication Group Supervisor, and extrication was completed in under 15 minutes. EMS evaluated the patient and ground transported to a local trauma center.

Units: Rescue Squad 2, Fire Chief
Mutual Aid: Rescue Squad 7, Engine 73, Utility 7, Medic 296