86th Annual Installation of Awards Banquet for MVFD
By Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Karen Montgomery
January 21, 2020

The Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department and Auxiliary held their Annual Installation of Officers Banquet on Saturday, January 18, 2020. President John S. Montgomery started off the evening with the pledge of allegiance and introduced the Master of Ceremony Dan Raley. Dinner was catered by Rita B.

Auxiliary President Cindy Turner presented the Auxiliary members with their years of service as follows: 5 Years -- Lexxi Hubbell; Life Members -- Carey Roache, Deloris Ellis and Amy Copsey; 25 Years and Life Member – Valerie Guy; 40 Years – Diane Lacey. Judy Copsey received the Mary Elaine Guy Award and Vice President Crystal Coberly received the Auxiliary’s President’s Award. The Guy Family was recognized for their commitment and years of service to both the Auxiliary and fire department.

President Montgomery thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication to the department and presented years of service awards to the following: 5 Years -- Joseph “Jake” Senatore; 10 Years -- Kenneth J. Dickerson and Karen L. Montgomery; 15 Years -- Jackson E. Miller, Jonathan L. Palmer; 20 Years -- David G. Sampson, Jason M. Kurtz, John Brian Roache; 25 Years -- James H. Kurtz; 35 Years -- John B. Raley and James A. Gray; 45 Years -- John S. “Monkey” Montgomery; 55 Years -- Harold A. Anderson. President Montgomery presented Dennis Bellevou with the President’s Award as well as a Special Service Award for his hard work and dedication, serving 8 years as Vice President and for working side by side with the President on the building.

Chief Mark Trowbridge announced the top responders 1. Corey Anderson 450, 2. Mark Trowbridge 416, 3. Joseph Senatore 466, 4. Ryan Tucker 333, 5. Robert Barnes 329, 6. Justin Raley 329, 7. Keith Hemming 317, 8. Craig Polk 312, 9. Daniel Busl 273, and 10. Austin Sholly 273. The top 5 Drivers were: 1. Justin Raley 173, 2. Andrew McHone 64, 3. Ryan Raley 63, 4. Jeremy Hemming 56, and 5. Kyle Hayden 52. Chief Trowbridge presented Joseph “Jake” Senatore with the Richard S. "Stormie" Combs Firefighter of the Year Award and Craig Polk for the Rookie of the Year Award.

Last but not least, music and good times were provided by CM Entertainment and pictures were taken by Terri and Jonathan Palmer and Ron Bailey.