SCBA Comfort and Air Conservation Drill
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
August 7, 2019

On Wednesday several members, including rookies participated in an air management drill. The drill first consisted of a game of dodge ball while utilizing SCBA. Once the members low air alarm (vibralert) was activated, which occurs around 1100 psi, they were expected to perform an emergency 24' extension ladder raise as well as running the stairs of the training tower until their vibralert stopped. The vibralert usually stops under 150 psi. Member were then told to lay on the floor and conserve their air for as long as they could until the cylinder was completely exhausted of all air. All participants were able to fully exhaust their cylinders and not give up.

The purpose of this drill was to teach everyone involved how much air is left when vibralert starts and stops, as well as ways to conserve their air even when they thought they couldn't go any longer. Conserving as much air as possible is taught in case a firefighter finds themselves in a life or death situation where they may be forced to wait for additional resources and personnel to assist them in exiting a structure.