Rookies Participate in Extrication Familiarization Drill
By Mechanicsville Volunteer
July 17, 2019

On Wednesday during our weekly Rookie drill, several of our newer members were able familiarize themselves with our Hurst extrication tools. Prior to starting drill outside, a classroom session was held on the parts of a car as well as stabilization techniques.

Once outside, our Rookies were made aware of some of the different techniques and uses of the extrication tools. Crews began removing all doors of the vehicle and progressed into removing the roof. The final stage of the drill was to perform a dash roll and a dash lift.

Although this was a Rookie drill, quite a few of our more experienced members participated and assisted Lt. Burroughs and Safety Officer Krabbe in ensuring our newer members performed the skills properly, those members were also able to hone their skills.