Maryland State Firemen’s Association Annual Convention Awards
By Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Karen Montgomery
June 28, 2019

Congratulations to Wayne Copsey and Paul Colonna for receiving their 50 years of service recognition awards. Our Fire Prevention Officer Theresa Palmer received three awards. They were 2nd Best Fire Prevention in the State, 2nd Place Year Round Project, and 2nd Place Special Project Award.

The Auxiliary received a certificate of recognition for 3rd place for the prescription safety magazine ad entry. The Auxiliary also received 2nd place for the quilt square for their participation in the fire prevention activity. Judy Copsey received 2nd place for safety magazine ad entry and 1st place for the quit square in the fire prevention activity. All quilt squares were kept by the fire prevention committee to be all sewn together to create a fire prevention quilt. Auxiliary President Cindy Turner presented the Bessie Marshall Committee with a check for $300. This money came from the boot that the Auxiliary set out at every function this past year.

Congratulations to all winners!