Crews Run Entrapment in Loveville
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
April 11, 2019

At 15:23 hours, Rescue Squad 2 and Chief 2 made the response to Company 1's first due for a MVA with entrapment. Chief 1A arrived to find two vehicles in the road with one on its side with the operator trapped.

Rescue Squad 2 and Chief 2 arrived next. Chief 2 was assigned the extrication group and the crew began stabilizing the overturned truck. Squad 1 arrived and positioned to utilize the winch to complete the “tie-back” system created by Rescue Squad 2 to stabilize the vehicle.

Both crews worked to remove the roof of the vehicle. Once patient access was gained, it was found that one of the patients arms was pined underneath the door of the truck. More Res-Q-Jacks were placed on the “clean” side of the truck to lift the truck along with a spreader used to displace the “B” post off the ground to free the patient.

The patient was extricated and turned over to awaiting EMS crews in 15 minutes and subsequently flown to an area Trauma Center.

Units returned to service.