Reported Gas Leak Leads to Hazmat Response
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
April 2, 2019

At 1057 hours, Engine 2, Engine 1002, Truck 1003, Squad 7 and EMS units were alerted to 30383 Triangle Drive, at the Rite Aide for the Commercial Gas Leak. Engine 23 and Chief 2 marked responding immediately. Rescue Squad 2 and Rescue Engine 22 also made the response. Units arrived to find a one story strip pharmacy with nothing evident.

Crews began investigating and found no readings on their meters, but had a pungent odor in the pharmacy with two occupants complaining of headaches but denying EMS care at the time.

Chief 2 requested the county HAZMAT units respond due to the strange, pungent, chemical-like odor. Crews continued to investigate and isolated the issue to a hot-water heater or a filtration system under a sink. Both items were secured. The HAZMAT unit arrived and were requested to just run their PID meter through the area to confirm no hazards.

The building was deemed safe and turned over to the manager and maintenance. Units returned to service.

Units: Engine 23, Rescue Engine 22, Rescue Squad 2, Chief 2, Chief 2A
Mutual Aid: Engine 1002, Truck 1003, Squad 7, Hazmat 18