Midday Crash Sends One to Trauma Center
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
December 17, 2018

On Monday just prior to noon, Company 2, 29, and SMALS were alerted to Three Notch Road in the area of Thompsons Corner Road for the MVA, one with chest pains. Rescue Engine 22(Lt. Raley) responded immediately with 4 personnel, followed by Engine 23(Capt. Bryant) moments later. Rescue Engine 22 arrived first to find a 2 vehicle, rear end collision.

The crews split up and began assessing patient and Command was established. A second ambulance and ALS resource were requested due to one patient being a trauma patient with Loss of Consciousness after the crash, and the other patient having chest pains. Paramedic 799 made the response. Ambulance 299 requested a helo for a Category C, Priority 2 flyout for their patient. Command requested the same.

Paramedic 799 arrived and also requested a helo for their patient. Trooper 7 made the flight. Paramedic 799s patient was semi-combative and no-longer would be a flyout.

One patient was flown to Prince Georges Trauma Center, and the other was taken to St. Marys Hospital.

Units: Rescue Engine 22, Engine 23
Mutual Aid: Ambulance 299, Ambulance 799, SMALS, Trooper