House Fire in the 2-05 Box
By Sergeant Tyler Burroughs
July 3, 2018

At 1652 On Tuesday, July 3rd, Company 2 was dispatched for the house on fire at 39261 Decoy Way in Mechanicsville.

Engine 23(Sgt Burroughs) responded at the time of dispatch and was advised a single caller had called in and advised the whole house was on fire. Tanker 2(Capt Barnes) and Chief 2 responded shortly after. Chief 2 advised while enroute that this would be a working incident. Squad 2(Capt Bryant), Tanker 24(Safety Officer Krabbe), And Rescue Engine 22(FF Bellevou) made the response moments after dispatch. Engine 23 arrived on the scene and confirmed a 2 story split foyer with fire showing from the roof. Engine 23’s lineman stretched a line through the front door and began to work on knocking the fire down in the attic. Engine 1002 arrived on the scene and picked up the supply line and sent their crew up to stretch a second line into the structure. Tanker 2 advised when they arrived on the scene that they would be dropping a folding tank and took over water supply for the incident. Squad 2, 7 Truck and Tanker 24’s crews assisted in hooking the ceilings and conducting a search around the structure. The fire was controlled in 25 minutes.

The Mechanicsville Volunteers would like to thank companies 1, 5, 7, 1002, and 1005 for their assistance. Another thank you to
the Mechanicsville VFD Auxiliary for their prompt response with refreshments. We also would like to thank the citizens in the area for the bottled water and help of cleaning all companies equipment used on the scene.

Units: Engine 23, Rescue 2, Rescue Engine 22, Tanker 2, Tanker 24
Mutual Aid: Company 1, 5, 7, 1002, 1005