A Petition for Change
By Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department
November 6, 2017

The Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department has and will always strive to provide the best emergency services to our residents and visitors. As most of you are aware, fire, rescue and emergency medical calls are of a hazardous nature, and at times can be very dangerous to those responding to them. We understand the dangers we face and continue to do so with that knowledge. At times, our only communication and in effect life line, is our radios. In recent weeks some weaknesses in our radio system and management of our emergency communications center has come to light. We are asking for your help to ensure a proper third party investigation takes place not only for the recent tragedy, but also to ensure the system that we rely on is functioning as well as it should be. We are an all-volunteer organization with many dedicated personnel here to ensure your safety. We are asking for you to help ensure our safety as well and help all of our volunteers return home safe to their families at the end of each day.

As many of you are aware St. Mary's County’s Next Gen radio system suffered yet another failure the morning of October 24th 2017. For years the County Fire and EMS departments have pushed for change only to be ignored by the County Government and its elected representatives. This recent incident underscores the need for transparency and effective management of our County Emergency Services and Technology department. For years we have voiced our concerns again only to be ignored. Our county Fire and EMS system is at a cross road and depending on what takes place in the coming weeks may make it better or even worse.

We are asking for support and a few minutes of your time. Below is a petition that you can send to St. Mary’s County Commissioners to ensure your voice is heard. You can write your own or use one of the templates attached. Download the template and email it to CSMC@stmarysmd.com use the subject line "Petition for Change". One template is for residents of St. Mary’s county and the other is for members of St. Mary’s county Fire and Ems. Thank you for your time and concerns with this ongoing problem.

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