House Fire in Country Lakes
By Mechanicsville Volunteers
September 13, 2017

At 0957 hours Engine 2, Engine 5, Engine 1, Charles Engine 2, Truck 1, Truck 7, Rescue Squad 2, EMS Station 29 and EMS Station 59 were dispatched to 36975 West Winston Drive in Mechanicsville for the House Fire.

Chief 5A was first to arrive finding a one story single family home with smoke showing. Engine 23 arrived next, laying a line in from the street and stretching an attack line to the structure. Engine 52 arrived next, picking up Engine 23 line and stretching a back up line to the structure. Crew found a fire in the back bedroom and extinguished the same. Truck 7 arrived and operated as the first due Truck Company. The crew performed a primary search, secured the utilities, ventilated, and opened up for the Engine Companies.

The fire was placed under control within 10 minutes of arrival. The assignment was scaled back to Engine 23, Engine 52, Engine 72, and Truck 7 to perform overhaul duties. Maryland State FM's arrived on the scene and investigated the fire. The fire was believed to have started due to an electrical malfunction in the bedroom.

**Pics courtesy of Hollywood VFD**

Units: Engine 23
Mutual Aid: Engine 52, Charles Engine 1002, Engine 72, Truck 1, Truck 7, Rescue Squad 1003, Ambulance 297, and Ambulance 597
Firefighters responded to this house fire in Country Lakes
Firefighters responded to this house fire in Country Lakes